Approaches to Old Germanic Philology


In the last decades the scholarly views on the value of Old Norse literature and poetry as a source for understanding the worldview of the pre-Christian Scandinavians has progressed considerably. Since his graduation from the University of Amsterdam in 1983, Kees Samplonius has contributed and articulated much in the field of Old Norse philology, more particularly on eddic poetry. On this page you'll find a selection of some of his articles.

A selection of articles

Background and Scope of Völuspá - 2013; Kees Samplonius
An analysis of parts of the poem Völuspá and their bearing on our understanding of the poet's cultural habitat.

Antropogenesis in Völuspá - 2004; Kees Samplonius
A new look at the creation of man as told in the poem Völuspá.

Glađr Eggţér Loki's finest hour, or an outcast's relief? - 2003; Kees Samplonius
Notes on the imagery of Vsp. 42-43. An interpretation of the scenery adembrating the Day of Doom in Völuspá.

Imago Dei In Völuspá? - 2003; Kees Samplonius
A discussion of the creation of man as described in strophe 18 of the poem Völuspá.

Níðs ókvíðnum - 2002; Kees Samplonius
An evaluation of the various interpretations of the last lines of strophe 56 of the poem Völuspá.

Sibylla Borealis. Notes on the Structure of Voluspa - 2001; Kees Samplonius
An analysis of the figure of the seeress as depicted by the poet of Völuspá.

The War of the Vanir and the Aesir. A Note on Sources - 2001; Kees Samplonius
A survey of the various interpretations of the War of the Aesir and the Vanir allegedly alluded to in the stanzas 21-24 of Völuspá.

Undir hveralundi - 2000; Kees Samplonius
A discussion of the background of the scenery displayed in the stanzas 35 and 36 of Völuspá (Codex regius).
- Corrected Version 2013

Friesland en de Vikingtijd. De ring van Senja en de Vierentwintig Landrechten - 1998; Kees Samplonius
A discussion of the rune-inscribed silver ring from Senja in the light of late Viking Age activities in Frisia (Dutch with English summary).

Review Terry Gunnell [Dutch] - 1996; Kees Samplonius
Review of Terry Gunnell's book The Origins of Drama in Scandinavia

Viking Expansion Northwards - 1995; Kees Samplonius in collaboration with Tette Hofstra
An evaluation of the northward expansion of Viking Age Norway based on the testimonies of archeology and Old Norse sources.

Rex Non Rediturus. Notes on Theodoric and the Rök Stone - 1993; Kees Samplonius
Notes on the commemorative stanza in the runic inscription of the Rök Stone (Sweden), interpreted against the background of early-medieval history.